Where can I go if I am Suffering from a Greenville toothache?

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When you are faced with a dental emergency, it is important to have a trusted, local dentist who will provide prompt and effective treatment. At Faris Family Dental, we offer emergency care for Greenville toothaches, dental injuries and a full range of urgent dental needs. You can depend on our office for expedient, compassionate service when you need it the most.

For residents of the area, Greenville toothaches and tooth injuries are a whole lot easier to deal with when you have Faris Family Dental by your side. If you are experiencing persistent pain, it is important to seek treatment right away, rather than ignoring the problem or trying to treat it on your own. A toothache is often a sign of an underlying condition, such as infection or deep tooth decay. As your dentist, Dr. Pruitt, will precisely diagnose the underlying source of your discomfort and provide you with the most appropriate care to restore your oral health. In addition to toothaches, a tooth that has been either partially or completely knocked out or fractured in an accident requires immediate attention as well. Remember, immediate care is the best way to achieve a favorable prognosis for the damaged tooth. By delaying dental care, you increase the risk of irreversible damage to the tooth and more serious consequences to your oral health and overall well being. At Faris Family Dental, we understand that a dental emergency is inconvenient and can occur at any time of the day or night. For this reason, you can rest assured that our staff will prioritize your emergency, and schedule you for prompt care.

At Faris Family Dental, we are committed to treating Greenville toothaches and dental injuries, making a difficult situation more manageable for you. When you have a plan in place and an expert dentist you can turn to, it gives you peace of mind during an otherwise chaotic event. For more information, give us a call.

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